Light Control screens are a solution that provides not only shade and privacy. They also give the building’s facade a unique character and improve the thermal isolation of the windows.

Windows are the part of the building that is most exposed to the impact and loss of heat. Light Control screens significantly improve their thermal parameters. Installed outside, they perfectly protect against the sun, and due to their location, they protect the glass against heating in the summer and heat emitting in the colder months. Solid workmanship guarantees full satisfaction in use even in a capricious, Central European climate, and the structure may seem light and delicate only on the surface.

A practical solution in a beautiful version

Thanks to the Light Control system, buildings gain a fashionable, elegant and modern look. Special technical fabrics used to create the screen ensure the optimal level of natural light. The system can also act as a mosquito net, protecting against insects.

Fashionable gray, anthracite and classic whites in the range of colors and types of fabrics of the Light Control screen, fit with aesthetics in both modern and classic projects. Aluminum cassettes are available in square and round sections, so they can be adapted to the façades of single- and multi-family residential houses as well as public buildings. They are available in three widths: 90mm, 110mm and 140mm. The structure is available in several RAL colors, and the fabric color can be selected from a large range of gray, white, anthracite and beige colors.

Perfect refinement

Light Control screens are a unique solution based on a precise combination of technical fabric with a zipper in the edge of the cover, guaranteeing the maintenance of the appropriate tension and position of the screen in the side guides. The result is smooth operation in the vertical plane, as well as exceptional resistance to unfavorable conditions. The built-in motor is started by a wall switch or a remote control. The screen can also be controlled by the TaHoma system available in our offer, which offers exceptional comfort and safety.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Light Control screen with Tahoma, it is possible to lower or raise the screen when you are away from home using remote control via electronic devices such as tablets or smartphones. The solution is characterized by exceptional durability, and the resulting surface tension of the fabric makes it a very elegant and sophisticated addition to homes and office buildings.

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