Facade shutters

Another type of roller shutters are VISIO VB, which are appreciated especially for their greater versatility. This type can be used in both new and existing buildings. They are mounted on the wall or in the window recess of the building, without requiring any interference with house facade. Front-monted roller shutters are distinguished by high aesthetic values and usually allow for individual adjustment of the requirements regarding the size of the roller shutters, the type of curtains or the color.

VISIO VB roller shutters are available in two options – with a box cut at an angle of 45˚, with left-hand and right-handed assembly, and with a half-round box and with only left-handed assembly.

choosing external roller shutters if you wat to reduce work during installation. In this solution, we can also choose a lifting blocking system and an option with a rolled mosquito net. A special panel strengthens the box and protects it against disassembly by gatecrusher.

The blinds can be operated with a tape or an electric drive. You can also choose the option of controlling the blinds using a smartphone.

You can choose the following colors of A37 aluminum curtains:

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