Built-in shutters

If we think about roller shutters at the stage of designing or building a house, it is worth opting for built-in roller shutters, which are mounted in the lintel and covered with plaster or clinker. This solution fits perfectly into the façade, makes an integral part of it.

INVISIO – is a system of built-in roller shutters offered by AWILUX. This solution provides excellent thermal and acoustic isolation, because it does not interfere with the window lintel structure, and thus does not affect the energy balance of the building.

A great convenience in the case of a built-in roller shutter is placing the box outside the building, which allows for maintenance and servicing without disturbing the privacy of the household.

In this case, the roller shutters can be controlled manually or by an electric drive connected to the control system, allowing for their comfortable operation. You can also choose the option of controlling the roller shutters using a smartphone.

You can choose the following colors of A37 aluminum curtains:

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