Prime Flat

Prime Flat frame mosquito nets feature a slim design that allows them to be built in with most top-mounted roller shutters. Brush sealing can be used on the inside front and perimeter sides, providing greater mounting versatility.

The Prime Flat mosquito net is now available for installation on Naturo wooden windows. It can be fitted on finished Naturo 68, Naturo 76 and Naturo 88 windows. It uses brush seals around the perimeter and brackets with springs with a width of 18 mm for Naturo 68 and 76 and 19 mm for Naturo 88.

The Prime Flat frame can also be used on Belgian profile windows in the Naturo 68 and Naturo 76 systems. However, this requires the removal of the wooden drip cap, so the use of a mosquito net must be anticipated at the window production stage.


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