Norm Pivot

The NORM Pivot door is a revolution in terms of usability that redefines interiors. Shifting the axis of rotation means that, as in the case of swing doors, the door swings equally inwards and outwards. Equip your office with them and create a unique space.


The NORM Pivot system

The NORM Pivot steel door system offers a single-chamber profile without a thermal break. It is designed for all interiors, primarily for original offices and other spaces boldly displaying modern design.


Easy assembly and outstanding durability

Its quick and exceptionally straightforward assembly is based on two elements – floor and ceiling tiles. Their high strength allows using a large sash weighing up to 100 kg and wide up to 1000 mm for a very long time without malfunctions. Such dimensions attract attention, turning the NORM Pivot door into a focal point of the room. After installing the door, the mounting elements become practically invisible, harmonizing with the interior.


Impressive door that is convenient to use

The dedicated pivot hinge used in the door allows you to move the axis of rotation of the door from its edge by up to 8 cm. The hinge allows the door to swing to the same degree in both directions.


Advanced pivot hinge

You set the speed of the automatic closing of the door yourself and decide how far it should open. It lets you easily adjust the NORM Pivot door to the requirements of your interior and the preferences of its users.


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