Energeto Neo

Available Materials

Energeto Neo means new design possibilities, which, thanks to the richness of options, will prove themselves in all types of buildings. The profiles present simple, cubist forms which, thanks to flushing, refer to the style of aluminum windows. With the pleasant to the touch aludec and woodec structures available for Energeto Neo, unique PVC windows can be created, different from everyone else.

The new system uses solutions that improve thermal insulation by adding a central gasket and eliminating heat bridges. The last of these features was obtained by replacing the classic steel core with a composite reinforcement.

The construction of the windows is also stiffer. This is due to the Powerdur Inside and Bonding Inside technologies that improve the static parameters of the system, which translates into their greater durability and reliability. Anti-burglary security, in turn, is increased by Safetec Inside.

*Uw value is given for a reference window with dimensions of 1230 x 1480 mm


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