Entrance doors


Doors from this collection are made in the PVC Schueco Living 82MD system on the 110mm intermediate leaf. They are equipped with 3-bolt D2 multipoint lock, 3-surface hinges and a double-sided handle on a long backplate, which can be replaced with an integrated handrail in the shape of a knob or a semicircle. We offer these doors in an all-glass version, with Discreet glass, and with simple door panels. We can choose a total of 5 proposals, which we have given names associated with the garden: CROCUS, TULIP, ASTER, CYCLAMEN and MARIGOLD.

Their purpose is a wide use as additional doors, often helpful in direct access to the garden from the kitchen, garage or utility rooms, which allow them to be closed from the outside. The possibility of making them in the same veneers as the Style collection and window frames allows you to create a harmonious and consolidated image of your house and surroundings.

The attractive price and ready-made solutions will probably help many customers in making such a decision.

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