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AWIDOOR Avangarde

The AWIDOOR AVANGARDE collection is a proposal of thoroughly modern and following the current trends of external doors. It is based on the Aliplast Star 90 system and is already available in the basic version as a wing with a one-sided overlay on the outside.

The linings used include artistic concrete, ceramics and natural wood!

Their straight lines and subdued style fit in with the current trends of modern single-family buildings. All attention is focused on the selection of unique materials, their structure, the play of light on their surface or even the impressions of their touch.Properly selected accessories allow you to compose a very interesting and unique door emphasizing the modern style of the house and the status of its owner. The visible window frames are offered as standard in anthracite (RAL7016 semi-matt) to additionally emphasize the outline of the unique door. As an option, you can also choose from the Nero Pack with the unique Black Matt paint finish.


The AWIDOOR Avangarde collection is divided into the following stylistic lines:

Carrara Line

Let your entrance door shine. The natural grain of the marble-like Art Carrara surface, gives your entrance area the final visual touch.

A touch of luxury sorrounds the series Carrara. The name Carara stands for tradition, quality and elegance. Hardly distinguishable from its natural model, the Carrara series visually and tactilely transforms your entrance door into an extravagant luxury object.

Basalt Line

Inspired by the dark volcanic rock, the natural stone structure focuses on self-confident appearance, high robustness and durability.

We invite to a dance on the volcano! Fascinatingly real to the natural stone of volcanic origin recreated the line Basalt stands for the elemental forces of nature, power and strength! A real eye-catche!

Lignum Line

LIGNUM LINE – real wood in aluminum doors? Why not! Natural oak cladding provides an amazing aesthetic and tactile experience. It warms the image of a modern building and fits in the current trend of combining concrete, ceramics and stone with natural wooden elements. In this line, the use of the optional NERO package deserves a special recommendation, as it will additionally emphasize the natural, dark grain of oiled oak. This style will be loved by every investor of a modern house and its architect.

Our offer includes 4 models: HERMES, ERIS, ZEUS and LIMOS

Decor Line

DECOR LINE – is a line that provides not worse aesthetic impressions than the Lignum line, but is based on the highest quality wood-like veneers. Simple, full fillings give an equally unique look. Several colors of veneers allow you to better match the appropriate shade to the remaining elements of the house finish, and dark milling gives expressiveness. The offer is also addressed to people who do not want to bother with the necessary oiling of real wood without losing aesthetic impressions. The technology of the filling itself is also noteworthy, because the veneer is not cut flush with the edges of the filling, but overlaps the other side and naturally and naturally covers the edge itself, which is especially important in overlay models.

In this line we offer 3 models: AION, KORA and GAJA, which can be in the colors Mountain Oak, Dessert Oak, Monumental Oak.

Corten Line

CORTEN LINE – this is a ceramic cladding which looks very realistically to the look of an old, rusty and massive steel plate. The ceramic, easy-care surface provides an unforgettable “aging” effect of the structure, giving it a sentimental, industrial character. The surface of the filling can be broken with both appropriate glazing and the so-called stainless steel pilaster strips dividing the panel into smaller fragments, enlivening their pattern. The optional NERO package is also worth recommending in this case.

In this line we offer models: APOLLO, HERMES, ARES and ATENA

Beton Line

BETON LINE – is a modern and durable material that is now commonly used to finish also residential houses. The applied artistic concrete with an admixture of real marble may be a natural complement to the style chosen by the architect and investor. Interesting structures, pilaster strips or recessed handles allow you to choose the option that best suits your expectations.

The available models are: APOLLO, HERMES, ARES, ALGOS, KLIO and ERATO.

Stone Line

STONE LINE – it is a ceramic imitation of natural stone. It combines the natural look of stone slabs with the easy maintenance and lightness of ceramics. It gives the impression of massiveness and naturalness of entering the house. As in the Corten line, it is possible to use glazing and pilaster strips to enliven the filling panels.

Here we can choose the following models: APOLLO, HERMES, ARES, ATENA and HESTIA.

Steel Line

STEEL LINE – similarly to the Stone line, it is a ceramic imitation of a massive, dark steel plate, reflecting its structure and appearance down to the smallest detail.

The proposed models are analogous to the Stone line: APOLLO, HERMES, ARES, ATENA and HESTIA.

Line Avangarde - equipment

AWIDOOR AVANGARDE – Standard equipment

  • Inward opening door
  • Maximum size: 1200×2350 mm
  • Door system: Aliplast Star 90
  • Basic color: RAL 7016, both sides
  • Lock: 3-point espagnolette with two hooks and two bolts
  • Hinges: elegant silver roller hinges
  • From inside: aluminum handle with rose F1
  • From the outside: handrail type C, length 1000/1200/1400 mm, stainless steel, round rosette made of stainless steel
  • Mechanical unlocking of the lock latch for free entry from the outside
  • Comfortable door insert with a safety function
  • A silver aluminum threshold, thermally insulated, 20 mm
  • Stainless steel bottom rail on 30 mm infill
  • One-sided overlay filling
  • Glazing of the filling – transparent

Additional equipment, available at an additional charge:

  • Overlay filling with a wing hidden on both sides
  • Outward opening option (profiles + T roller hinges) – Star system
  • Special varnishes (LC, ST, DB, Bicolor, other RAL colors)

Surcharge for changing the glass in glass fillings:

Chinchilla white, Satinato, Master Carre, VSG 44.1


  • A stainless steel handle with a rosette on the inside
  • Electric lock
  • Concealed hinges
  • Handrail type C 1600 mm stainless steel
  • Recessed handle 500 mm
  • LED illumination for 500 mm recessed handrails
  • Mirror on the inside of the filling
  • Door closer with a 90-degree lock (white or EV1)
  • Concealed door closer
  • Lizens from the inside (on selected models)

Side part, glazed:

Side part glazed up to 600 mm [Glass Ug = 0.5, VSG 33.1, Discreet ornament]
Side part glazed up to 1200 mm [Glass Ug = 0.5, VSG 33.1, Discreet ornament]
Special color surcharge for the side part


  • NERO STYLE – frame and inner side of the filling in Black Ultimate (RAL9011ST), handrail, rosette, bottom rail, pilaster strips, handle and round rosette from the inside – black,
  • Comfort package – access control
  • Fingerprint reader with a lock in the holder *
  • Surcharge for controlling by Tahoma kit

Security Packages:

Door-Protect 1 package – 5-bolt lock, bolts on the hinge side
Door-Protect 2 package – automatic espagnolette, bolts on the hinge side, cylinder class C

Changing the door system:

  • Schüco ADS 90.SI
  • Outward opening option ADS 90.SI (profiles + T roller hinges)

Side part, glazed

  • Schüco ADS 90.SI up to 600 mm, Ug = 0.5, VSG ornament Discreet
  • Schüco ADS 90.SI up to 1200 mm, Ug = 0.5, VSG ornament Discreet

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