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Entrance doors

External doors are the most exposed element of the house, make the house unique, therefore they should meet a number of requirements.
They must be made of the highest quality materials – only then will they ensure maximum safety and comfort for users. Their functionality is equally important, but also technical parameters, such as thermal isolation or soundproofing. You should also take into consideration their appearance, which should harmonize with the facade and other elements. We offer our entrance doors in a variety of designs. Each client will find an interesting offer.

The entrance door can also have sidelights or fanlights, thanks to which the front wall will be more illuminated. Decorative glazing is an interesting solution.

How to choose the front door?

We present the most important parameters that should be taken into consideration when choosing a door:

width and height

Determine the convenience and comfort of everyday use. It is worth noting that we not only walk through the door every day, but also bring larger furniture or equipment. For this reason, it is worth choosing a door whose clear opening will be 90 cm wide and 200 cm high, with a maximum threshold of 2 cm.

burglary resistance

The more locking points in the door, the greater the burglary resistance. Therefore, it is worth considering a 5-point lock and anti-theft bolts on the hinge side.

Uw heat transfer coefficient

Indicates whether the door has the correct thermal parameters. Currently, it is 1.5 W / (m2xK). The thermal isolation is influenced by both the materials used and the door structure itself.

acoustic isolation

It is expressed in decibels (dB). The higher this value, the less noise from the outside will let in through the door. Ideally, the door acoustics should be at the level of 30 dB.

way of opening

Inwards or outwards.

The new offer was created based on the real needs of new investors in the country and abroad. It was also created to facilitate the selection and offer ready-made solutions, and thus speed up the decision-making process for our clients. An attractive, market price will probably help you make such choices.

Our offer includes four collections of selected and affordable stylistic proposals and the Individual option, allowing for individual adjustment of the door style to the customer’s expectations from a wide catalog offer.

The key partner in this project is the company RODENBERG, a European leader, producer of unique door panels.








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