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Windows and sliding doors made of aluminum are undoubtedly premium products. Excellent technical parameters, the use of the newest technological solutions and an extremely attractive appearance make more and more investors choose them.

These modern profiles are a guarantee of energy efficiency and provide a wide field of construction activities. Aluminum joinery is distinguished by its extraordinary lightness, durability and resistance to corrosion. Its aesthetic value and ease of maintenance make it attract the attention of architects and investors. Moreover, the myth that aluminum windows are cold and are only suitable for modern interiors is forgotten.


Aluminum windows provide very good thermal and acoustic isolation. Thanks to the thermal breaks used, they achieve very good parameters, even at the passive construction level.


Aluminum windows mean, above all, great durability, as well as a very high comfort of use without the need for frequent maintenance. Due to the resistance of aluminum to rust and corrosion, windows made of this material work well in all weather conditions. Contrary to window frames made of other materials, aluminum windows do not crack, swell or lose their color, which ensures a long service life.


Windows made of aluminum are several times more durable than wooden or PVC windows. It is the durability of aluminum windows that makes them an attractive solution for home and commercial buildings in the long run.


High load capacity of aluminum frames allows for the creation of individually adjusted windows, in accordance with the adopted design. The technology of Awilux aluminum windows makes it possible to create huge glazing, which can even constitute the entire wall of a residential building.


Elegant, slim appearance and a strong aluminum frame are a unique combination. Modern production methods allow you to adjust the appearance of the frames, thanks to which aluminum windows can be adapted to the designs of houses in both modern and classic styles. In the case of large glazing, characteristic of modern building designs, aluminum windows are often the only solution.


Aluminum windows available in our offer are available in many different models. It is not only possible to adjust the type, width and color of the frames, but also to hide them almost completely (the window frames are practically invisible).


In the case of aluminum, there are very large possibilities of recycling, therefore windows made in this technology are much more environmentally friendly than PVC windows.


Aluminum windows can be equipped with anti-burglary fittings, according to which they meet the highest safety standards.


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