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A modern door is a showcase of every office, apartment and house. External doors are a relevant element of the joinery, co-responsible for the energy efficiency of the entire building. Interior doors are crucial for the ergonomic use of space.


Windows in the offer of Windows Plaza is the most important, flagship position responsible for the great success of the company. Each window that is included in the catalogue prepared for customers is a proven solution, fully prepared to perfectly cope with the situations for which it was intended. A wide selection means that every investor will find warm windows for themselves at an acceptable price and presenting exactly the design that best suits their aesthetic concept.

Sliding Systems

Sliding systems are an excellent solution for many investors, who may not even realize that such an option is available to them. Solutions of this type provide maximum light in interiors and allow for viewing the world without the need to excessively focus on profiles. Although contemporary design dictates reducing the visibility of structural elements of sliding doors and windows, in many systems, they form the foundation of exceptional aesthetics. Thanks to various available materials and decorative structures, it is very easy to customize them according to one’s preferences.

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets are an effective way of protecting yourself from insects. They efficiently stop mosquitoes and all other annoying or even potentially dangerous creatures that could enter your home. Protect your interiors at little cost, without significant interference with the façade or windows and, with selected solutions, completely non-invasive. Give up chemical insect repellents for a better alternative.


Made of powder coated extruded aluminum profiles.